Diocess of Kottappuram, N.Paravur, Kerala
About Us
N.Paravoor has attained a crucial role in the history of Kerala. Its culture is deep routed in the ancient city of Musiris. The evidence of human culture are still to be excavated by the archeological excavators from the ancient soil of Paravoor. It is believed that St.Thomas, the Apostle set his foot at Maliankara in AD 52 and started his divine mission at Paravoor. Kottakavu church, established by the Apostle has been torch of belief for centuries. The believers of Paravoor strengthened their belief from the second Apostle of India, St.Francis Xavier who landed in Kodungallur. The attack of Tipu Sultan in 1798 and the immigration of Jews from Israel etc. had far-reaching effects on our history. The life of Paravoor is an example for true secular life. Various religious lead a peaceful life with brotherly affection. Paravoor has been recerded as the first assembly constituency where electronic voting machines were used in general elections.

St.Don Bosco church is situated at Paravoor by NH 17, near Periyar. This Parish consist of 525 families comprising almost 3000 persons from Paravoor, Chittattukara, Pattanam, Pallamthuruth, Kaitharam and Kedamangalam. Formerly it has been the part of the Parish of Manjali of The Arch diocese of Varapuzha. The church was consisted by the Kooliyath family of Jacobite Community in 1898. Later it was bought by Mosr.Joseph Payyappilly from Kooliyath Mathew Vareed on may 28,1940 for the Arch diocese. The church was patronized to St.Don Bosco. The new parish was created in 1944. The new church was re-created in the guidance of Rev.Fr.Joseph Padiaramparambil in 1985 and blessed by the Most Rev. Bishop Kelanthara on March 1,1985. The veteran priests like Msgr.Payyapilly, Fr.Alexander Kannikkal, Fr.Joseph Thattarassery, Fr.Antony Pinheiro, Fr.Jacob Arakkal etc have rendered their great service as vicars. It was during the time of Fr.Arakkal, the Novena of St.Don Bosco was started in the church. The statue of the saint also was established inside the church at the same time.

Later Fr.Mathew Kooliyath, Fr.Augustine Kurisinkal and Fr.Antony Madathiparambil become the vicars. The novena of Sacred Heart was started by Fr.Madaparambil. This spiritual guide performed valuable attempts in unifying his sacred kids. He set off a journey to heavenly abode, while he served the parish as the vicar. Thereafter the charge was temporarily shifted to Fr.Vincent Samuel, who renders his service as the Bishop of Neyattinkara now. A wide array of spiritual leaders like Fr.Francis Kunnathur, Fr.Joy Peter Thattakath, Fr.Joseph Olattupuram, Fr.Bosco Padamattummal, Fr.Nixon Kattasery etc. Served the Parish. The Novena and Adoration of Sacred Hearted was conducted by Fr.Nixon Kattassery. Later it was continued bu Fr.Paul Manakkil, Fr.Dominic Chirayath and Fr.Francis Raphael Kaithathara.

Every tree is known by its fruits. The Parish nurtured priest like Fr.Josy Kuriyappilly OCD, Fr.Babu Paul Thottumkara IC (Rosminian) and sisters like Kurisinkal Elsy Xavier (Little Missionaries, Sacred Heart), Sr.Tiji Joy Gopurathingal, Sr.Diviya Varghese O’Carm, Sr.Mariya Girly O’Carm., Sr.Sabeth (Oblates of Franciscan Sisters) etc.

Many like Dn.Midhun Joseph Mendez Valiyara.Bro.Nithin Joseph Mendez Valiyara,Bro.Eenezer Antony Kattiparambil. Bro.Jithin Paul Nedumparambil, Bro.Seraphin James Ittikunnath Bro. Hridin Velikkakathottu, Bro.Abhi Pious Nettayikodath and Riya Michael karikkaparambil are on their way to their ultimate goal of spiritual life.

Our Parish has given birth to virtuous churches like St.John Maria Vianni Church at Ezhikkara and St.Joseph Cotholongo Church at Pallithazham. The Donbosco Hospital of Kottapuram Diocese functions in the boudaries of our Parish. A sub zone functions at Pallamthuruth in the name of St.Sebastian. Convents like Daughters of St.Anne (St.Anne’s), Maria Teresa Scrilly and Don Bosco perform their spiritual duties nearby the parish.

The Shrine of Sacred Heart has been a perpetual centre of divine glory foe all, irrespective of religion, caste or creed. It has been one of the rarest churches where the Holy Blood of Jesus Christ has been visualized. It remains as a continuous ray of hope, comfort and virtue in the journey of life. The loving Sacred Heart of Our Lord awaits for us with his unquenchable thirst to love mankind.

6.30 am Holymass, Novena to Sacred Heart , Adoration
6.30 am Holymass , Novena to Sacred Heart, Adoration
4.30 pm Holymass , Novena to Sacred Heart, Adoration
6.30 pm Holymass , Novena to Sacred Heart , Adoration
On first fridays special services for relief from deceases followed by Nechasadya @ 12 noon